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file server migration toolkit missing data problem

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  • file server migration toolkit missing data problem


    first post, but long time user (troll?)

    here goes.

    I have a Windows 2000 fileserver (data) that is due to be decommissioned, so this weekend I ran the file server migration toolkit from microsoft on the new fileserver (data01)

    all appeared to be going well - there were some errors due to access denied messages for a few folders (HR and payroll) but all else seems well, reports from the fsmt say the migration was successfull. however....

    when I am on the new server, I go into the location of the migrated data to tweak the share information D:\data\migrated, and I can see the folder for the server name (data), but no subfolders e.g. (depts). if I look in my computer of the new server there is the right amount of Mb taken up on the free space list.

    I can browse to the share on client machines (\\data01\depts_data ) and all the files and folders appear to be there.

    my question is how can I see the subfolder of migrated so that I can tweak the share information on the server?

    thanks in advance for your help



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    Re: file server migration toolkit missing data problem

    Go to Computer Management -> Shared Folders and make sure the shares are going where you think they're going.
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      Re: file server migration toolkit missing data problem

      HI thanks for the reply.

      worked out what it did...

      basically it had set the folder depts as a hidden system folder for some reason. once I had unchecked hide protected system files, I could see it, then ran attrib -r-s-h from the command prompt and all was gravy!

      thanks for your help