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SYSVOL not replicating

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  • SYSVOL not replicating

    I am using 2003 servers

    got 4 servers 2003 servers with DFS. Now I want to remove one server from the DFS repliacation so i have remove that from DFS replication topology but now my sysvol folder is not replacting on that server too. Would removing DFS replication could have cause that? or something else ?
    I though as long as its a DC it should replicate SYSVOL and netlogon folder

    now my GPO is not replicating to that server and cause few dramas. I don't really wanna copy those missing items manually as it will start to duplicate then later when its starts to work.

    any other ideas?

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    Re: SYSVOL not replicating


    Restart the FRS services and check for Event log for FRS errors
    You Will be the Event ID 13516 in FRS Event log for successful FRS initialize.

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