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  • DNS Stop Working

    Hello and Help,

    I have a 2k3 server, running AD, Exchange and DNS,

    I Change my ISP, went to update the ip for the server and DNS Foward Records and now nothing is working, cannot surf, cannot print. Does anyboy have any thoughts??
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    Re: DNS Stop Working

    I'm not quite sure I understand. Did you change the servers IP address, and now it (the server) sn't working, or did you change the IP address for the server on workstations, and now THEY aren't working?


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      Re: DNS Stop Working

      Sounds like you redirected internal DNS queries to the outside DNS server.
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        Re: DNS Stop Working

        Are you using your new ISP's DNS servers? Didi you make that change using your new ISP's DNS addresses in the forwarders tab in DNS?

        Can you give us a little more info on what IP configs your using without giving us your exact IP info?

        You can just make up numbers but they must relate some how.

        The pubic IP's your ISP gave you?
        The DNS you ISP gave you

        What configs are your clients getting as well.