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DHCP failing to update DNS

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  • DHCP failing to update DNS

    We have a Windows Server 2003 SP2 machine that is a domain controller, DNS server, and DHCP server. (We realize that having all three roles running on the same computer is not the optimal configuration but there are no other machines available.)

    There is another DNS server on the network, but this particular server is listed as the primary for client workstations. All zones are Active Directory Integrated and are configured for secure dynamic updates.

    The server is the only authorized DHCP server on the network. It is enabled for Dynamic DNS updates.

    We've been experiencing some strangeness. Sometimes, client workstations will lose access to the Internet. The resolution appears to be manually changing the IP address to a different one. Moreover, bad address entries are starting to appear in DHCP. We've been manually deleting them, but they keep on appearing.

    This lead us to believe the problem is caused by the DHCP server. I took a look at the audit logs for DHCP. The log showed a whole bunch of Event ID error code 31: DNS Update Failed

    31,07/01/09,11:47:26,DNS Update Failed,,TEST.private.local,-1,

    After researching the issue, we found that if DHCP is installed on a domain controller that is also a DNS server, we should create a specific user account for dynamic DNS registration credentials. We did that but the errors are not stopping.

    Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: DHCP failing to update DNS

    Hi there,

    "bad address entries are starting to appear in DHCP. We've been manually deleting them, but they keep on appearing." - if I were you I would change the Conflict detection attemps to 1 - it should solve the issue. Guessing that after a week (depends how long the lease is) you should get rid of bad addresses. After some time try to switch it off and check what happens.

    If I am not mistake any account will be ok to use in credentials section.

    It is also possible that you have secure dynamic updates in such case your DNS may not be able to update some records. In such case you should udd your DHCP to DNSUpdateProxy group. Quick test may be to change the dynamic updates to nonsecure and secure.

    Drop a line when you find the sollution.