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Slow DNS for IE

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  • Slow DNS for IE

    Here is my situation, network is made up of windows xp-pro (50), with a windows 2000 server DC Update with all new pathes and SPK (called server1). Have firewall and router in place too. We use the router for DHCP and the gateway for network. All clients use server1 as DNS. I have noticed in last couple days that internet explorer loads pages up with a delay. If I change the dns on client to our ISP IP problem goes away. I do not recall making any changes to server configuration in last week. Load on server seem to be as usual. Client login to the domain fine with no delay
    1. what can it be?
    2. what happens if I change DNS to ISP ob all client? (kind of know but i would like con. and pro.

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    insure that your internal dns is configured to forward dns queries to your isp dns.
    check that the forwarders are configured with the right ip address.

    try to switch primary and secondary dns.
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      Server primary dns is it onw IP and secondary points to ISP. I belieave this is the way it should. Internal DNS forwarding configuration points to IPS. If it didn't I would not be able to get out to internet rigth?
      Forwarding in DNS has a entery for www and mail that points to our web site that is hosted out side of our domain. If I change these setting our email gets in truble becase of DNS. I 'm not good in DNS fowarding stuff, could some explain to me I thought I had it configured right. It has been working fine for couple years.


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          Working fine now

          Thanks Shultz, that link was what i needed.
          problem was forwardind in DNS. For some reason forwarding tab was not checked on DNS. Went to DNS right clicked on server responsibale for DNS choose porperties,on Frowarders tab enabled forwarders and typed the IPS DNS IPs.