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how to remove DFS server role successfully?

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  • how to remove DFS server role successfully?

    I have few servers running DFS all 2003 server

    I want to decomission one server(server01) but before that i need to remove the role.

    So far i have done this

    1. I have disable the DFS share folder (not shared)
    2. Remove file server role from the server
    3. Remove all settings from DFS snapin.
    4. Remove root target folder. I can't see shared folder on this server now.


    5. Remove all the referece for this server from all the other server so no one should be replcating from to to this server.

    the only role this server is doing is SDC, DNS,WINS I will remove that too later

    but still i have getting heaps for eventlog on other server saying it can replicate to and from this sever01

    what did I miss? or is this ok?