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oracle 10g on windows cluster

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  • oracle 10g on windows cluster

    hi ..
    a part of my project is to create a 2node windows 2003 cluster and implement oracle 10g database on the cluster with linux(ubuntu) clients accessing the database..

    one of the node in the cluster must be a backup solution(to maintain backup)

    the 2nd part of this implementation is to introduce this cluster and associated client to already exiting network and provide internet to the clients and cluster with out disturbing the existing network(ie create different network and attach this network to existing network so that everybody gets internet the same way but only the linux clients must be able to access the cluster).

    do i have to install oracle and samba service on both nodes in cluster?
    how do i go about this.

    the project here is to create a webportal.. the programmers use java,ajax,xml,php,eclipse and the other stuff with oracle 10g as database...

    any suggestions, knowledge base links or tutorials will be very much appreciated.. thank you....

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    Re: oracle 10g on windows cluster

    i'd approach this one step at a time in the following:

    * windows clustering. get this setup and working. test your failovers.
    * oracle 10G DB. Ensure you meet the hardware lists.. Oracle are very picky about what they support, and what they don't. Get this installed.
    * get your clients accessing the database.
    * implement a backup solution and test it.
    * do a test restore, and a test failover.
    then focus on the second part of joining the other network.

    out of interest, why do you choose oracle for the back end database ?
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