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Ping Problem.

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  • Ping Problem.

    Iam using windows 2003 server.It hasd configured with a private address & the cacble is connected with a 24 port switch.The client are connect using this switch.I was remotely accessing my server unfortunately the switch power got down & my remote session with the server was disconned. The switch turn on after few min and then i can't remotely access my server.I ping it and it show "Request Time Out".

    If i try to ping from server to my own computer or from any other computer in the networkit gives the reply but if i ping from my own PC or any other on the same network it show request time out.I have reset the sitch as well restart the server but i face same issue.Please guide me thta how can i fix it?

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    Re: Ping Problem.

    Restarted your own machine??


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      Re: Ping Problem.

      well i have started to diagnose the problem.These are four IBM servers and all are connected with a eight port switch.The last port is the uplink and connected with the 24 port switch where all clients cable are terminated.

      I start trying to ping from my 1st server to the 3rd server .It givame “Request Time Out”, Then from my 2nd server I ping it to the 3rd server ,it say ““Request Time Out”.Then I switch to the 3rd computer .It was pinging it self .At last I ping from my 4th computer it again say “Request time out”.

      I have alsoreset the 8 port switch as well restart my all 4 IBM servers but there is no success.Please guide me how can I fix my problem.


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        Re: Ping Problem.


        the workstations on the 24 port switch can all ping ech other, but cannot ping any of the servers on the 8port switch

        and the servers on the 8port switch cannot ping each other, or the workstations on the 24 port switch.

        Am I correct?

        Could you please let us know what model switches you have, and whether you have tried restarting the servers ? Also whether the servers actually say they are physically connected to a media ?
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