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Domain Sync Time Problems

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  • Domain Sync Time Problems

    Hi to all,

    I really need a help, i do a lot of reading about my problem, but i donīt find anything like what is happening in my domain.
    So now i will describe What my problem is:

    Everyday and normally at the same hour, in my domain the hour changes to one hour plus.
    This cause impact on clients, because they loses connection to the network, i have ntp server configurated to an external source in my pdc.
    My internet connection fails everyday for a long period of hours, itīs a vsat communication and have a lot of problems, but i donīt get what is the parameter that makes this change.
    The time backs to normal after this change.

    Someone please help me

    Thanks in advanced

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    Re: Domain Sync Time Problems

    Well, let's start with errors, event logs and environment analysis. Is there anything in the event logs at all on any servers that could be related ? Possibly w32tm messages.

    Next - environment analysis. Tell us about your environment. How many servers. Is it an Active Directory Domain. What operating system on the servers ?
    What sort of external network connection do you have, and what do you mean by it fails for large numbers of hours ?

    By the sounds of it, what's happening is your domain controller is staying synced off the NTP server you configured, however when the internet disconnects, the domain controler reverts to it's pre-configured time.. which breaks all the trusts.
    Once the internet comes back, NTP updates the time again.

    I suspect you may be missing a Daylight Savings patch, or something like that... Or simply have your time zones configured incorrectly perhaps.
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