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One website, NLB, 6 IP's, DFS

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  • One website, NLB, 6 IP's, DFS


    I have a question. We currently have a single website that we are hosting in house. IIS6, Server2003, NLB, and DFS. The DFS replicates the root web folder between the 2 servers.

    The previous administrator set up 3 individual webs for this single site. Web1, Web2, Web3. I have configured another Test website of the same configuration, but only using 1 web called Webtest on each server, using every IP address associated with that particular machine.

    Web-Test1 - - - NLB IP of

    Web-Test2 - - - NLB Ip of

    I emailed the old admin and asked him why he set up the website with 3 individual webs.

    This was his answer.


    The need for three sites had to do with the fact that once a site is associated with NLBS, you can't get to it via the actual IP address, and that there are two NICS in each server. If I remember correctly, the mapping is something along the lines of is the 1st NIC in webserver1 is the 2nd NIC in webserver1 is the 1st NIC in webserver2 is the 2nd NIC in webserver2

    On both web servers, WEB1 is assigned to IP address

    On both web servers, WEB2 is assigned to IP address

    On both web servers, WEB3 is assigned to "all unassigned", which will translate to the IP addresses assigned to the NICs.

    It's necessary to do it this way because all site management and updates need to be done via an update to one of the NIC IP addresses. Both FrontPage and Dreamweaver consistently failed when trying to update the site via one of the NLBS addresses. Once one of the sites was associated with an NLBS address (whether directly or through the "all unassigned" umbrella), I could no longer update it. So, basically, even though they're all pointing to the same folder on disk, within IIS, WEB1 and WEB2 are used for answering HTTP queries to the site (web browsing), while WEB3 is used for updating the site.

    One thing to note is that the web directories on the two web servers are currently configured for Distributed File System replication, so that any changes you make to the web pages on one server will be replicated to the other, and the sites will remain in sync.


    My question is, does this have to be setup this way? The one I setup in my test seems to work just fine


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    I've never had to have 3 copies of the same site, I single site set to all unassigned has always worked well for me, but I have never tried to get dreamweaver to directly update the site itself.

    Sounds like he was a bit of a cowboy.

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      The sites are not using unassigned, because of Firewall mappings, but in all theory, we could use the unassigned, but we dont. Does his statement make sense?
      When we make changes, we do them on a dev box, and then the web site admin uses Frontpage. She has no problems making changes. It sounds like the past admin was making live changes to the site, without testing the results first. Once the results have been tested, all I do is map a drive to the web server website directory and copy the new files over. We dont have a website that is always changing. From time to time it changes.

      I have also been able to get to my test environemt by just going to the IP addresses and they open fine.

      Its a pretty static site.