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DR Site Domain Controller Best Practice/COnfiguration

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  • DR Site Domain Controller Best Practice/COnfiguration

    Hello to all! I have been a long time forum browser, so this is my first post!

    My question is as follows, I have a single forest, single domain with 3 domain controllers. Two are running DHCP and all three are running DNS. The third DC I would like to shut down and move to the DR site that is connected via a 10MB direct pipe. What would be the best practice this kind of setup? I was reading that you need to do some stuff to your domain before removing the DC from the domain for an extended period/sending the DC offsite. Would a read-only DC be better fit for the DR site? How would I prevent users from logging in to this DC at the DR site and only login to the DC's at the HQ?

    Any help, insight or concepts would be great! Thanks!!!