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Synchronised folder on all laptops

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  • Synchronised folder on all laptops


    I have a document on my fileserver that I want all our laptops to synchronise with everytime the laptop is docked on the office.

    The point is that all employees is supposed to have access to this document at all times. (Also during i.e. a disaster where the main office is unavailable)
    However this document is a living document, so it's got to be synced with the laptops everyday.

    Can this be done easily? GPO?

    We run a 2003 AD with XP clients.
    Greetings from
    Petter C.

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    Re: Synchronised folder on all laptops

    I've been doing very similar with our laptops on server 2003 with AD.
    What i've done is log the user onto their laptop (whilst in the office obviously) and onto our domain, which then creates a domain profile which is stored locally on their laptop. So even when out of the office they still use the domain profile.
    In our case, i had the 'My Documents' folder redirected to a folder on a mapped drive on the server. I then chose to 'make available offline' from the right click contenxtual menu.
    So when out of the office you have access to the fles. When back in the office it synchronises according to the options you choose in (explorer window); Tools > Folder options > Offline Files

    One thing i did find though, was that i couldn't get offline files via a unc path, only a mapped drive.

    Can someone confirm this please?

    Hope my rambling helps somewhat.