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Public IP for OWA and DNS

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  • Public IP for OWA and DNS

    How can I get my public IP address associated with my OWA site? Or a DNS record established so my users can find the OWA logon screen. Right now if I type in the URL for OWA I get a DNS record error. And if I type in my Public IP I get a logon screen for the server not OWA. Thanks for the support..

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    Check this items:
    1- Setting of default web site of eschange server ip address.
    2- Host name for your OWA server in DNS name
    3- test with nslookup command to query DNS and ask it for OWA server.
    4- save your OWA address and ip address in Host file of your client and check if it is correct or not. if the problem does not solve check your OWA server. If problem solved, check your DNS server.

    I think one thing is not set correctly on your DNS server.



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      OWA it is a web page that will be displayed on iis server, so you need to configure there your addresses.
      You need as well set these configurations on DNS server.


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        You need to get your ISP to enter an MX Record that points to your public address. Your router will them need to forward the appropriate ports to your mail server.

        <I have assumed your have an ISP and are hosting your mail internally. The info about your setup is limited.>
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          You will already have an MX record setup for incoming mail.

          You could use this, generally ISP's setup MX records like and stuff like that so you could just use that as your URL. (use to find out what MX records you already have setup).

          If you want a completely seperate FQDN for your URL then you need to get your ISP to setup a host record (A record), to point to the external IP address of you server\router.

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            Thanks everyone for the valuable insight.

            Turns out the A record was the key to my problem. I Just have to get AITCOM to enter it in their name server. Best regards..