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Backing up the Server

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  • Backing up the Server

    HI, im newbie so,... be nice to me ! lol

    well.. im a new system administrator (brand new) and the company im working for have 4 servers...

    the problem is (BIG PROBLEM) that non of them is backed up !!!
    (im talking bout server 2000, sql2003, 2 x SBS)

    i need to offer an non expensive but still good method of back up and i have no ida how to do it !!!

    i though about an 250gig usb external hd and some imaging software to do weekely images of the server drive... do u think this method i good ?

    can you offer me some better (affordable) method of backing up the system.. ??? ( im open minded ! lol )

    i know ... that if one of the server is going down im in alot of trouble...
    and im only work here one week...

    thank from ahead...

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    First think to do is:

    - What kind of services you are running on these four systems?
    DataBases?IIS?Exchange?Isa Server? Domain Controller?
    - What you really need to backup?
    - How many times you need to backup? Every day? Every Week? Every Month? Every Year etc...
    - What kind of media you need to backup? DVD (4.7gb up to 9.6gb each dvd), TAPES(400gb up to compressed each tape), HD (up to 350 gb each)etc...


    - You will need to run a full backup every week, incremental backup every day, full backup every month (these ones will be arquived) The daily tapes will be re-writed every 7 days, the weekly tapes every 4 weeks and the monthly tapes will be arquived.
    Do you understand?

    P.S. You can not run incremental backups with databases.

    You need to gice more details about the systems and services that you need to backup.
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      1st, 10x for trying to help...

      second, i have 4 server over here running

      1)Server 2000 = DC+AD, Echange, IIS.
      2)Server 2003 = SQL Database, Terminal.
      3)Server SBS2000 = Terminal PC.
      4)Server SBS2000 = DC+AD, Echange, IIS (for other network)

      There is only one bakeup tape drive on the 1st server with 40/80GB
      tapes that doing everyday Incremental Backup....
      i think for somthing like 2 or 3 years....

      i guess the former SA didnt give much shit bout it...
      i dont count on it right now in case of a crash....

      what do u say ? i need to buy some method of backup the data...
      and i cant afford a "lot of money" solution...

      i can buy one or two external HD , or more tapes...
      maybe a DVDrw... i really dont know... plz,,.. adVICE !!!!


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        You can read this link to find some good advices as well.

        How much you can spend with your solution?! I think this is the first question
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          lol... how much can i spend... good question...

          the truth is... i know low solution can be an expensive one later
          but i have to bring my boss a effordable offer...

          i heard about a 8000$ solution from hp and stuff but its not for me...
          my line of budget is .... somthing like 1000-2000$ tops...

          so i must figure out a way to do it...

          anyway... 10x for ur help so far windux

          10x all...


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            To give you an indication of what you can use... I use the following:

            40/80gb Tape which does an incremental backup every night, other than Thursday which is a full backup (this is so the full backup tape can be taken off-site on the Friday) - This backs up the files/DC/Registry/SQL DB's (online backup) etc using Brightstor (ArcServe)

            A 'Hot Backup' which syncronises the file server to another server on the network. This makes retrieving a file from yesterdays backups faster through a network share (that way you don't have to go through the tape sessions to find the file and wait for it to spool) - For this I use a cheap application ($59.99 i think) called DirSync. This also copies over an offline .BAK SQL DB file which is created by SQL DB Maintenance.

            3 x 250gb USB 2.0 HDD's, which syncronise from the file server too. one HDD is kept off site at one time (Also using DirSync)

            So, really.. it's a toss up between how resiliant you want your backups to be. I would never rely on tape alone as you can often have a problem restoring the tape on another drive (eg: Server cabinet goes up in flames, you get new kit in and find the tape can't be read!!!!)

            If I were you I'd still use the tapes (do a classic tape rotation of 4 incrementals, and 4 weeklies), but also use another server to replicate to, or USB HDD's that you can replicate to and take off site.

            Always remember, it's not always a case of having good backup''s a case of having a working data set and able to restore from it ASAP!! A good 'Disaster Recovery Plan' is essential!

            Hope that helps a bit...
            1 + 1 = 11 ... honest!


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    , 10x ! helo A LOT !

              but one last question...

              should i use a Dirsync to store the data of the servers
              or a Image of all the HD is better (for a hd crash problem)...

              what do u think?


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                Nice job

                I do not think Image from HD it is a good think to have updated backups.
                Let wait for the answer.

                You can see this link about backup:

                MCSE w2k
                MCSA w2k - MCSA w2k MESSAGING
                MCDBA SQL2k


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                  Personally, I'd not go for imaging (like True Image Server) which although a great bit of kit and being able to incrementally update your images, you quite often end up only needing to restore a few files, not the entire OS. That's not saying though that something like True Image won't be handy on the work-place!

                  I prefer something like DirSync myself, pure file mirroring etc is much easier to setup/fix/use.

                  At the end of the day, the more belts and braces you can have with backups, then it won't be a bad thing!

                  Backup, backup, and backup again
                  1 + 1 = 11 ... honest!


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                    One good reason for using imaging would be that you can incrementally update the image of your DC, this way in the event of a hardware failure/drive crash etc, you can get the domain back up and running within 20 mins (and not have to reconfigure all the workstations/accounts etc)

                    My choices would be...

                    DirSync to Network
                    DirSync to USB HDD's
                    True Image server of DC, updated once a week.

                    You pretty much cover most things with those tools

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                      what is a good imaging util.... except of Ghost....


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                        I honestly prefer using True Image Server 8.0... fast image/restore too.

                        You can image a clean Win2k/SP4 isntall down to about 250mb

                        You can probably get a demo download for it to test... search google for it.

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                          i know its gonna b a lame question , but...

                          Why MS NTBackup is so bad ???


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                            Personally, I don't think it is.... I just don't use it because we have ArcServe for Tape backups here

                            NTBackup is perfectly usable even if it does lack a few features compared to other off-the-shelf packages.
                            1 + 1 = 11 ... honest!