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Computer not talking to server

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  • Computer not talking to server

    Hi folks,
    I wasn't sure to post this in here or the xp forum but seen as it is server related...

    Basically, we have a client that has about 30 machines in a room. They are all identical hardware spec and were created from a cloned image with a volume license key.

    One of the computers won't talk to the server properly - well oddly it will. I can log on, access all network resources with no problem. The actual problem is that things like group policies won't and managed software won't installed.

    Upon logging in, this error is logged on the PC:

        Event Type: Error
    Event Source: Userenv
    Event Category: None
    Event ID: 1054
    Date:  21/05/2009
    Time:  14:12:55
    Computer: SUITE025XPNEW
    Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name for your computer network. (The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted. ). Group Policy processing aborted. 
      For more information, see Help and Support Center at

    If I do an nslookup though it works fine.

    I have swopped network cables to rule out any connectivity issues.

    Then I rejoined to the domain by putting it in a workgroup, manually removing all relevant computer accounts from AD then rejoining to the domain.

    So I thought maybe a windows problem and reimaged the PC from the stock image and gave it a different name that hasn't been used at all. I then joined the PC to the domain and straight away the problem recurrs.

    The only possibility that I have left is maybe a hardware fault, but its odd how it only affects the group policies and managed software. It was only brought to my attention when someone asked why a piece of said software wasn't on the machine.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Re: Computer not talking to server

    Are you using a sysprep image?


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      Re: Computer not talking to server

      Newp. We built the machine and installed all the software then detached it from the domain and made a Norton Ghost image.

      To restore we restore the .gho, rename the computer and join it to the domain.

      All the other computers are fine its just this one computer and they were all done using the same image. This computer was working fine but at some point has developed this fault.


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        Re: Computer not talking to server

        Each network card has a unique GUID. The image you're using will "apply" the same GUID to the network cards in all the computers that are built with this image because it's not a sysprep image. I suspect this is the problem. try uninstalling the network card in device manager, reboot the computer, and let Windows reinstall the network card.


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          Re: Computer not talking to server

          Hi Bedo,

          Is the NIC integrated into the motherboard? If not I'd suggest swapping it out with another computer to see if it fixes the problem, you can also take the opportunity to confirm that it is identical to the others. If not you might want to consider updating the drivers.

          On the basis that we're looking at a cloned image you might want to consider resetting the SID although if this is the problem you'd probably experience the same problem on the other computers. Try this all the same: and then go through the process of removing the computer account completely and rejoining it to the domain.

          I know you said you changed the cables but perhaps connecting to a different network point altogether just to rule out anything unusual with the switch and other devices.

          Anyway hope that helps a little


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            Re: Computer not talking to server

            I don't get out to this site too often so have only just got here today.

            Uninstalling/reinstalling NIC - No difference
            NIC is onboard, will see if I have a spare card handy.
            NewSID - No difference
            Cables - I've basically swopped the leads (and thus the sockets that the leads go to) between a working PC and the non working one. The problem stays with the PC and doesn't follow the cable so that rules sockets etc out.

            Its weird how most things seem to work fine it is just Group Policies that can't find the domain controller.


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              Re: Computer not talking to server

              Looks like I've cracked it. The problem wasn't with the PC or cables at all.

              The PC must have been getting the same IP address all the time from DHCP so I forced it to a different IP and now it works. I checked the DNS and there are a few IP addresses in there that have more than one A record pointing to them so DNS isn't being automatically updated.


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                Re: Computer not talking to server

                You probably want to initiate scavenging on your DNS server.


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                  Re: Computer not talking to server

                  I did that as I noticed it wasn't configured. Set it to 7 days and started a manual run but it didn't remove the dupes and they only had me there for a set length of time so I just removed the records that were causing this problem manually.

                  Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll look into the setup for DNS more on the next visit if they don't have any more pressing issues.