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Proxy Settings through Local Group Policy

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  • Proxy Settings through Local Group Policy


    Im baffled by this little problem we have.

    We have a citrix farm and we configure each server using LOCAL policies. We dont use Group policies because of a recent migration from NT4 (around 2 years ago)

    The servers are windows 200 server.

    When I go in and make a change to the local policy (gpedit.msc) you should see the time and date stamp of the policy file in %systemroot%\system32\grouppolicy user or machine registry.pol change.

    This is true for us for any setting APART from the IE proxy settings. When I go in and change these the time and date stamp of the file doesnt change. If I then go back into the file the settings appear to have been saved although if I copy the file to another server and edit it, the changes have NOT been saved. whether its relivant or not I dont know but we have set the MACHINE policy to make all proxy settings a machine setting rather than per user. I have disabled this setting but the problem still persists.

    Can anyone tell me whats going on here? We need to change the settings on our farm but cant because of this. I even tried a group policy to overwrite the local policy however this isnt working for some reason. I'd ideally like to resolve the local policy problem because I'm very curious as to whats causing this.

    Any help apreciated.


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    Re: Proxy Settings through Local Group Policy

    I don't know if you can set proxy policy on a computer basis ?
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      Re: Proxy Settings through Local Group Policy

      I agree. This is set using the User policy unless there is another 3rd Party tool making changes.

      The GPO you have created to try and override the settings, has it been applied to users and the appropriate security groups, if you have used DACL?


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        Re: Proxy Settings through Local Group Policy

        I think the problem here is that IE settings are preference settings and not policy settings. When you edit the local policy and set the IE settings you're actually tattooing the registry with those settings and not writing them to any GP file. When you run gpedit you're viewing settings that are both true policy settings and also viewing settings that are actually preferences (registry settings). When you copy the file to another machine it contains only the true policy settings and not the preference settings as those exist in the registry and not in the policy.

        When using GP preferences the settings are tattoed to the registry, enforced and refreshed only once, can be changed by the user, and remain in the registry even when the GPO that set them is removed.

        Google for "group policy preferences" to find out more info.


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          Re: Proxy Settings through Local Group Policy


          It can be done on a machine basis by using the setting under machine policy which is called 'make proxy settings per-machine (rather than per-user)' under the computer policy section of the local policy. We use the USER portion of the local policy to set the proxy settings and also change the aforementioned computer setting.

          We have previously set the proxy settings on our citrix farm in this manner and can prove the registry.pol file is the file containing the proxy settings as we use Altiris to build our servers. We do this in stages and after the base built we apply a package which simply places the registry.pol file in the correct location and the proxy setting then are set for all users.

          Its not the metho which I am questioning as we know this works however its why we cannot add settings to the user portion of the policy and why it wont save them.