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  • Can't Fix One Issue

    I have a new install Win2k3 server. I have got all issues resolved in the Event Viewer except for one that keeps coming back up every time. I have googled the info and see alot of talk about the relation of this error message and the time service. So I went to services.msc and disabled the Windows Time Service. Rebooted and still did not change anything. Here are the details of what comes up in the event viewer

    Event ID 40960
    Source LSASRV
    Category SPNEGO (Negotiator)

    The Security System detected and authentication error for the server ldap/ The failure code from authentication protocol Kerberos was "There are currently no logon servers available to
    service the logon request 0x000005e).

    I turned on all audit logging and no accounts show up in the event viewer as being unable to logon.

    I am stuck........