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Need help configuring DNS.

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  • Need help configuring DNS.

    Hi all,

    My company has 2 Forests (with 1 Domain in each forest). I am trying to establish a Transitive trust (currently it says External/Yes and Transitive/No), when I try to confirm it, it says no logon servers are available. Same thing happens when I try to map a drive using IP address in 1 Domain while on another domain.

    On the PDC on Domain #2 (in sep. Forest), cmd/"nslookup" returns information for a server in the sep. Forest on Domain #1. Also when logging on to the Domain #2, "applying your personal settings.." hangs for 3-5 minutes, sometimes longer. I am convinced this is a DNS issue. I would be very appreciative of any help!

    Also, the PDC on Domain #2 is in the same subnet of Forest/Domain #1, (192.168.143.x), not sure if this is related or if configuring DHCP on Forest/Domain #2 will help. Not sure where to go from here..


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    Re: Need help configuring DNS.

    I take it that you have routes for getting to each subnet?

    What DC's do you have? Is it possible to use a Forest Trust at all? You'll need Windows 2003 DCs only to exist and they'll need to be in 2003 Native Mode for Forest and Domain.

    Are you using forwarders or conditional forwarders in DNS? There should be a record stating that requests for the other domain name, so to the IP of the DNS authoritative for that domain.