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Remote DC on existing domain

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  • Remote DC on existing domain

    Hi Everybody

    I'm setting up a new DC in existing domain on a remote location.
    i wanted to know what is the best way to achieve this goal?

    The DC is now installed including DNS in an integrated environment, I also setup a DHCP server. the DHCP subnet in the remote DC is configured with a different subnet then the main site.

    But i have a problem with the main site environment, i have users trying to log in the domain and the computer trying to find the remote DC, i think I need to configure a new site in the sites and services console, But I don't know the exact way to do this.


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    Re: Remote DC on existing domain

    You want to go into AD Sites and Services and see if an exisitng site is there. If so, find the DC node you have created and drag it into the other site. If it doesn't exist, you can create a site, create the appropriate subnet for the site and then drag the DC node into it.

    However, you will need to then change the IP address to be on the other subnet. If you reoot the server after, it should register itself appropriately in DNS. This may have been done when at the other site to ensure routing works ok.


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      Re: Remote DC on existing domain

      Thanks for the reply..

      I've attached a picture with the configuration I made in the sites and services section.

      I think it is correct, what do you think?



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        Re: Remote DC on existing domain

        The right idea. You need to have two subnets configured, to ensure each site will first try their local DC. You then need to create anoither site name for your remote site and associate the remote site's subnet with it. You can then move the DC to it.

        Unless I'm mistaken, I can only see one Default First Site name there and you have just moved the DC to under the 1 subnet that has been created.


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          Re: Remote DC on existing domain

          Thanks Virtual,

          So I'll need to create another subnet and link it to the "Default-First-Site-Name"

          that is the recommended topology?


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            Re: Remote DC on existing domain


            You need to create another Site in addition to the default one. That site will be the remote one. When creating it, it will ask you the subnet to associate with it. You then move the remote DC into the remote site. Look at the existing DC placement in the site to find out the exact location. The only difference is that you will place it in the new site that you create.

            I think you right click the root node to give you the option of a new site otherwise, right click some more nodes until you get that option. It may be that you right click in the area to the right as well.

            Haven't done it for a while. Let us know how you get on.


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              Re: Remote DC on existing domain

              Well, now everything works just fine..
              I've created a new site with new subnet that points to the remote location.
              Next, I linked the remote DC to the new site and associated it with the new subnet.

              Thank you very much for your help.


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                Re: Remote DC on existing domain

                Glad to help.