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Can't see system state in NTBACKUP

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  • Can't see system state in NTBACKUP

    We are running Windows Server 2003 R2 with SQL 2008 SP1 as memeber server. Server is new and has been running for a month.

    We configured ntbackup to make everyday full backup. It was working properly until few days ago. I tried to create new BKS file, but when I open NTBACKUP, system state is not visible

    My account has domain admin and backup operators rights.

    Does anyone seen this problem anywhere, because Google doesn't say much.

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    Re: Can't see system state in NTBACKUP

    Have you tried the wizard?

    Tools, Backup Wizard.

    It should give you an option to backup system state.


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      Re: Can't see system state in NTBACKUP

      We analyzed what was done in past days on infrastructure.

      My collegue admin, changed Default GPO according to Microsoft KB951244 ( and assigning himself to each policy rather than assigning appropiate groups to that policies.
      Result was, that only him was able to see and make backup of system state and all other admins wasn't been able to even see and check systemstate, as you can see above on screen shot in previous post.
      After fixing GPO, everything back to normal.

      For now, it's working properly. I'll let you know if some new issues occures


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        Re: Can't see system state in NTBACKUP

        Well done for fixing it, and thanks for posting back!
        I take it your colleague has been suitably chastised?
        Tom Jones
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        IT Trainer / Consultant
        Ossian Ltd

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          Re: Can't see system state in NTBACKUP

          You bet

          I don't know why junior admins need to do things like that. We have preproduction enviroment and I said hundred times, not to play with production servers. They always can test anything they want in preproduction.

          Hate that

          Anyway, If something occures with issue I'll let you know.