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  • dns error 7062

    hello all windows gurus,

    from last week there is a strange problem start. continiously one dns error comes 7062. i see the microsoft site it didn't help me out. the dns is configured in the local server. there are some pics and error report i send it with this post. so plz all windows gurus if any suggestion is there regarding this issue give a feedback.
    The DNS server has a self-addressed to him pack on IP address identified. The package is for the DNS name "" The packet is discarded. This situation usually indicates a configuration error.
    the error msg indicates
    Check the following areas of configuration errors that addressing the self-declared:
    1) forwarding list. (DNS servers are allowed to self-no forwarding address.)
    2) master list of secondary zones.
    3) Notification lists of primary zones.
    4) Delegation of part zones. Can no NS record for this DNS server, unless the sub-zone is also located on this server
    5) Root hints

    i found another tips to delete rootdnsserver and just restart the dns. is it the only idea to repair? 'coz exchange and DC are also in the same server.
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    Re: dns error 7062

    When i saw your system log i can see. last message.

    20090522 20:32:48 910 ANY Packet at 029C9030 is detected as being sent to DNS server itself at IP - message follows:
    20090522 20:32:48 910

    Please check this kb also.