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Intersite Replication between different domains?

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  • Intersite Replication between different domains?

    Hey guys, n3wb here and need some help. Here at work, our PDC is Win 2003 Ent. Server and bacup dc is Win 2000 Server.

    Our domain is, we are the main headquarters, and are located in VA.

    We have a hardware firewall (Smoothwall Express 2.0) that has ipsec site-to-site vpn capabilities. We will also be setting up a Smoothwall at the NJ office.

    Now we are setting up a seperate office in New Jersey, and will be installing a network for them to operate from. It will be fairly small, 1-Win 2003 server and about 5 workstations.

    Here is what we need to do:

    1) Set them up on a domain
    2) Link their domain to ours so that they may hit some of our intranet resources, and so that we may have access to their internal resources and have total administrative control over their network.
    3) We are running Exchange 2003 and may want to provide email services for this domain.

    Now I am pretty confident on the setting up the domain part, but need help on the schema, and setup. We have a clean slate to work with here - so any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Should I make their domain name or Need a lot of help!!

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    Any special reason for setting up a seperate domain for such a small branch office ?

    You can configure the NJ office to be part of the existing domain and depending on the performance requirements install an additional DC in NJ (still part of your original domain)
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      Ok, so so I can join the machines to the domain via the vpn link. Now at my office we have 2 WINS server which are push/pull partners. Would it be possible to set that server up as a third WINS server to have name resolution?

      Also- would it be a good idea to set the NJ up as a child domain? How hard is it, and can you point towards some instructions? Thanks so much!


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        I am about to do this also.

        Home Office 1 DC Win2003

        Branch 1 DC (4 users)
        Branch 2 DC (6 users)

        I setup branch 1 and 2 to recieve updates from home office.

        I have to play with my vpn's but thats it isn't it.

        Any information would be appreciated.