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Slow Logon at site

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  • Slow Logon at site

    Need help with slow logon issues.
    I have a site where user are facing issue where it takesd a long time to logon onto the domain.

    The site is connected with a p2p link.
    Also when outlook tries to fetch the addresses from teh exchange server with is as a different ,it takes a long time to fetch teh names.

    Need help with this as have configured the site for Group membership caching and also a GC.

    Clents running win xp
    Server :win 2k3
    there is a dc local to the remote site
    intersite bandwidth is 2mbps

    configure group membership caching at remote site
    GC at remote site configured

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    Re: Slow Logon at site

    Check your DNS settings.

    Do you have sites setup in AD??


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      Re: Slow Logon at site

      Check for the logon server & DNS settings on the client machine.

      If your site & services are properly configured as well DNS.
      Best Regards ,
      Manish Nadkarni


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        Re: Slow Logon at site

        Run a gpresult /v on one of the slow machiens to see what GPOs are applying. It sounds as if a Group Policy setting is slowing them down.