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windows 2000 AD DNS issue

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  • windows 2000 AD DNS issue

    I'm working on an issue for a client.
    They have a global Windows 2000 Native mode Active Directory, split into numerous sites and subdomains.

    I'm trying to troubleshoot a whole veritbale crap load of errors, and one of the things I've come across is the following:

    for there are two DCs - SubA-DC1 and SubA-DC2.
    SubA-DC1 is located in site One. SubA-DC2 is located in site two.

    I've looked at the Active Directory Integrated DNS settings on these two DCs.

    Under the SOA tab, SubA-DC1 has serial 310331 and primary server SubA-DC1.SubA.Domain.Com

    And on SubA-DC2, we have Serial 310334 and primary server SubA-DC2.SubA.Domain.Com

    This strikes me as being not quite correct.. shouldnt I have just one of them as the primary server for that particular DNS Zone ?

    I'd also normally expect a DC runinng DNS, even if it's only secondary non-integrated DNS, to point to itself as it's first name server... ?
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