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    Firsty our setup;

    We have 3 servers, all DC's ect. 1 of our servers was restarted this weekend. This server is running the following;
    Server 2003 SP2
    DC, GC, DNS, Exchange 03, Remote Access/VPN, DHCP

    Sat on this server i can't get onto the internet or ping anything. If i look at status on the network card (been connected for about 30 mins) it's sent 200 packets and received 10,000.

    I cant ping this server or access it in any other way from elsewhere on the network. I've updated the nic cards to the lastest ones.

    On one of the other servers i i set of a ping server -t when it was rebooting. upon boot up it successfully pinged for a moment, but then failed after it had loaded. This leads me to think it is software related.

    Event logs look ok, other than the errors when its trying to replicate.

    Anybody have any idea's?

    Many thanks

    EDIT: Just booted it up into safe mode with networking. Could ping fine. It seems to stop pinging at "applying computer settings" in normal start up. I've ran all the test on the NIC card (intel pro 1000 mt), all passed
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    Re: Network Connectivity

    Do you have any Security Policies defined that would cause this behavior?


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      Re: Network Connectivity

      ipsec or firewalls ?
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        Re: Network Connectivity

        Building on saqib1972's thought, you could use the RSOP snap-in to see which GPOs are applied and then see if any of them are the culprits. Also, run DCDiag and see what it says.
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          Re: Network Connectivity

          When the system wsa first built and you get the first splash screen that enables inbound connection you did say ok???

          I've had this a couple of time where is just closed that screen off.

          Never did find how to fix it though.


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            Re: Network Connectivity

            Try running netdiag on that server as well.


            netsh ipsec dynamic show all

            See if that gives any insight as to whats going on. If you can't figure it out, just uninstall TCP/IP>reboot>reinstall the TCP/IP stack and let it set itself up again and see if that fixes it.