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Reboot Sequence for Domain Controllers

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  • Reboot Sequence for Domain Controllers

    Hello Team,

    I have a query.

    I have 3 different domain controllers in my environment.
    North American, Corporate and Asian Domain controller.

    We have also DHCP service running on a File and Print server.

    The domain controllers also happen to be performing DNS and Global Catalogue roles.

    We belong to the ASIAN domain.

    My question is that due to a activity we need to shutdown these servers.

    So is there a shutdown sequence that I need to be following, so that I dont encounter authentication or Ip assigning issues once the servers are back online.

    Also how can i properly shutdown the domain controllers without affecting the replication.

    The DNS entry sequence that I have is
    North American

    Please advice.

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    Re: Reboot Sequence for Domain Controllers

    The OS on these servers is Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Sp2 and its configured for Mixed mode.

    Sorry not to have mentioned it earlier..


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      Re: Reboot Sequence for Domain Controllers

      Which ever is your Primary DC u should reboot that first wait fo that to come back online and then reboot the others.

      If u not sure which one is primary go to ad right click on the site select operation master and under PDC it will tell you will one s the master.


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        Re: Reboot Sequence for Domain Controllers

        How abt the DHCP Service?

        So its ok if the GC is rebooted in the order that you have given coz the DC's are DNS and GC aswell.

        Thanks for your response!