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Multiple account policies on one domain

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  • Multiple account policies on one domain


    Can we configure multiple account policies on one domain.

    i have tried all the possible ways to configure multiple password policies on two different OU but with no success.

    I know it is not possible to have mulitple account policies on one domain.

    But if anybody know it without using any third party tool and without ADAM please let me know.

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    Re: Multiple account policies on one domain

    It's possible in windows 2008 server but not in Windows 2003 server. You would need to create additional domains and then set a different password policy per domain. Password policies in w2k3 set at the OU level only effect local user acounts.

    With regards to a 3rd Party solution, I've never had the need to use one myself, so couldn't advise.


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      Re: Multiple account policies on one domain

      You can do this in Windows 2008 server if you can warrant an upgrade:

      Unfotunately I don't know or have any experince of 3rd party apps for 2003

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        Re: Multiple account policies on one domain

        At windows 2008, you can use Fine-grained password policies, however this is based on (shadow) groups rather then on OU's.
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