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  • Demoting an adminstrator

    Here is the scenario: a client of mine is preparing to terminate their financial secretary who is the admin of a standalone XP Pro box containing their accounting and membership db (they are a church).

    Regarding this, I have 2 questions:

    Is it possible to demote (if that is the proper word) this person's admin account to that of a user to prevent her from blowing the data away (something she has already done on an older box)?

    Can another admin be created and take control of the applications (accounting & membership db) setup by this person before her rights are changed?

    I realize that the data files can be copied and the apps re-installed but they want to do this without interuption of the office (if possible).

    Thanks in advance!

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    We need to establish if the present user is loggin on with their own User account or the Administrator account. If it is the Administrator account then all you need to do is change the Administrator password and they will be locked out (because they won't know the new password). To change the Administrator password go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Local Users and Groups, Users, right click Administrator (in the right hand pane), Set Password. Change the password to something that is secure and will NOT be forgotten.

    If they are using their own User account, they you first need to create a User account for the new Financial Secretary. Use the above steps but once at Users, right click Users and click New User. Add the their name or even a Generic name (eg finsec). (Then in the future only the users password need be changed instead of adding a new user) After name and password have been entered, remove tick from User must change password at next logon. Insert a tick in Password never expires (Please no flames...I know it is wrong to do this ) When finished, click Create.
    Go to Control Panel, User Accounts. Click Add and enter the Username you had just created. The Domain will be the name of the computer and this would have been displayed at the logon screen. Click Next and at the new screen clcik the button next to Other. Make sure Administrator is selected from the drop-down menu to the right. Click Finish. The new user should now have access to the system.

    Make sure you try out the new user account BEFORE you change the old user account.

    Post back if you have any questions or problems.
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      Originally posted by biggles77
      If they are using their own User account, they you first need to create a User account for the new Financial Secretary.
      First off, thanks for a quick reply.

      Judging by what you are saying, is it safe to assume that creating a new admin account will allow them to run apps installed by the current admin?

      Once I get this done it should be possible to change the current admin's privledges to prevent her from wreaking havoc. Correct?

      Thanks again.


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        Administrator is a user account that has full control over the system and is built-in to the operating system. You don't actually create an Admin (Administrator) account. You create a user account and give that account Administrator privileges. The privileges be modified as required.

        Create a New User with the steps from my previous post. When the new user can logon to the system and has full access to all the required software, then you can either remove (Delete) the old user or remove the Administrative privileges and change her to a normal user. However you may find that she could still do damage to the database either intentionally or unintentionally. If the database requires a password to access it in edit mode, then I would strongly suggest changing that as well. Make sure you always have a backup of the database. I have 4 backups of my financial application data. These are all stored in different locations for safety.
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