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Server with 3 Adapters

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  • Server with 3 Adapters

    Hi there,

    I am currently having trouble getting one of my servers to correctly share the internet connection (via NAT). Server 1 is fine and shares connection perfectly but I want server 1 and server 2 to be able to contact each other for domain purposes.

    Server 1 provides (via adapter1 attached to a switch and then a wireless router in bridge mode) IP addresses via DHCP to clients connecting in to that particular wireless network. Users can therefore connect in via cable and also wirelessly and dynamically obtain IPs. It then provides internet connectivity to these clients via adapter2. The DSL router used for internet connection allows pass through so the server is statically assigned the external IP on the adapter itself.

    Server 2 provides (via adapter1 directly attached to a separate wireless bridge) IPs via DHCP. Server 2 then connects to the internet via adapter2. This DSL router does not allow the server to directly statically assign an external IP to an adapter and instead must have a static private IP address with the router IP set as the gateway. The server has no problem accessing the internet itself. I then have adapter3 that connects to the switch that server1 distributes IPs on, this is so the 2 servers can communicate, but I do not want server2 to use server1's internet connection, I just want them to be able to communicate amongst themselves.

    Also, ideally I would like clients on either wireless network to be able to access both servers. The internet connection must be assigned depending on which wireless network the user has connected on.

    Problem 1 - I can get server2 to access the internet itself and assign IPs via DHCP but it will not share the internet connection with clients.

    Problem 2 - Is my solution for having the 2 servers communicate practical? Also, is the internet sharing possible on a per wireless connection basis with the above configuration.

    I am really banging my head against a brick wall with server2 and my main priority is getting it to at least allow other users to connect via its internet connection, but even this is not happening at present!

    Thank in advance for any help,