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Printer Server "Find Printers" issue

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  • Printer Server "Find Printers" issue

    In one of our offices, we have a member 2003 R2 server that has all the printers setup on to be the printer server for this office. There are a lot of printers, 63 total, but half are for PS and half are for PCL drivers on the 32 printers. One does not have a PS driver. In the properties for each printer share, I have the office name in the location. A recurring issue has been when users do a "FIND PRINTERS" search, none of the printers will appear in the list. They will search by location field or select the domain and then select "find now" and no results will appear. If we stop and restart the print spooler services on that server, they will reappear but later on, they disappear again. I am at wits end on this. Has anyone seen this or have a recommendation??

    Thanks for your time

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    Re: Printer Server "Find Printers" issue

    Originally posted by wtdrisco
    Has anyone seen this or have a recommendation??

    Thanks for your time
    We used to have this issue often. If the printers are published in AD, open the GPMC, select the policy that applies to your print server and check under Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Printers. If these settings are set to "Not Configured", it can cause issues. Try the following settings and see if the issue is resolved:

    Allow printers to be published:  Enabled
    Allow pruning of published printers:  Disabled
    Check published state:  Enabled, every 1 hour
    Directory pruning interval:  Disabled
    Directory pruning priority:  Disabled
    Directory pruning retry:  Disabled
    Log directory pruning retry events: Disabled
    Printer browsing:  Enabled
    Prune printers that are not automatically republished:  Disabled
    Allow print spooler to accept client connections:  Enabled
    All other settings can be left as Not Configured. This should cause AD to check for the published printers every hour, and stop pruning ones that are not published. As far as the browsing by server name error goes, I don't have any suggestions to resolve that off hand. Sorry.
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      Re: Printer Server "Find Printers" issue


      Thanks for the information. None of these setting are made. In my previous 2000 environment these were not set and never had this issue. I found out that most of the servers have changed out over time using the Printer Migration tool. Not sure if this creates some issues.
      Most of the printer servers are the DC in the smaller offices. This office in particular has 500+ people so they implemented an individual print server, using printer migration tool.
      I will review the GPOs and look to update the OUs containing these servers with the settings you recommended.

      Thanks for you help and anyone else that has come across this.