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  • Is this Possible?

    Our DNS Infrastructure looks like this:
    One domain called ???
    Three sites split across three UK Cities
    Site1 Win2000 DC
    Site2 Win2000 DC
    Site3 Win2003 DC

    Site 1 DC is configured as an Active Directory integrated Zone and is supposed to do a zone transfer to the other two sites, so in effect we have one DC holding the master zone file, at least this is what I thought when I configured the DNS a long time ago

    unbeknown to me however when the Windows 2003 was being installed it was also made AD integrated but not to do a zone transfer. My question is, Is it ok to configure zone transfer to Site3 from Site1 even though site3 is already an active directory integrated zone and is supposed to hold a master copy itself?

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    I always thought that it they were Domain controllers they automatically transfered zones between DC's

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      With ADI zones you don't really have a master and secondary servers. The DNS info is held in Active directory and so all DC's potential have a writeable (master) copy of the zone. (If they have DNS installed).

      To have Primary and Secondary DNS infrastructure, do not integrate with AD.

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        Thanks guys, I've since found out that this is the case, thanks for all your contributions. I've made DNS AD Integrated on all three sites.