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Auditing on 2003 Server

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  • Auditing on 2003 Server

    Auditing on 2003 Server. Server is running AD.

    Is it possible to audit the copying of files on our server?

    If this is possible, how does one set the auditing for this? Would we need to set auditing both locally on the server and/or on a group policy?

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    Re: Auditing on 2003 Server

    It's possible to audit file access.. but it generates ALOT Of data.

    select the folder, right click and go to properties.
    go to security tab.
    click the advanced button.
    select auditing tab.
    click add.
    enter the gorup or user. (try 'domain users')
    choose what you want to audit.
    (I went with full control, successful, just cause I felt like it..)

    ok and apply out of all the windows.'s decided not to put it in the security logs..

    I'll have to investigate this more, there's obviously something else i need to turn on..
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