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SSRS SQL and Sharepoint

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  • SSRS SQL and Sharepoint


    Been looking at SQL Reporting Services, and i am a bit confused regarding the install. A lot of sites are telling you to put Sharepoint on a SQL server and then install SSRS. My setup is a SQL2005 express install only and i want to install SSRS. Now do i need to put on Sharepoint or not.
    I keep hearing about a 'files only' install, is this the one for me?

    So anybody have any experience of installing SSRS, especially on a SQL2005 server.



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    Re: SSRS SQL and Sharepoint

    So you don't want to use Sharepoint at all ?

    Or you have an all-in-one sharepoint server using MSEE rather than a tiered farm-like configuration ?

    if you're only talking about needing Reporting Services, you should be able to just install Reports Server..sharepoint takes quite a lot of planning and forethought, as we're discovering..
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      Re: SSRS SQL and Sharepoint

      What a coincendence..

      We are looking at sharepoint on another server, but if that counts, then i'm really confused....

      We have a couple of SQL servers and a server allocated for sharepoint which i have just installed the sharepoint services option, dont know if that counts?

      Anyway, remember i said 'what a coincedence'..well the coincedence is i work in melbourn to, the UK one south of Cambridge..

      Keep in touch about the sharepoint deployment, drop me an email if you prefer



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        Re: SSRS SQL and Sharepoint

        I was having a frustrating time trying to get sharepoint and ssrs working here... I had it really really close I think.. andI had a thorough worklog of what i did, how i did it, what I needed to undo.. what was configured where, how, why, why i cleaned up things, etc.

        Then the guy who actually wanted the system configured started messing around with it.. so I threw my hands up and said "i dunno what he's done, it's not documented, I was _this_ close.. I'm not doing any more, and I'm not uspporting it now either"

        I was an incredibly tired, cranky, stressed little boy in nov/dec last year..
        things calmed down a bit more since.. I'll have a chat to him about SSRS and see if he ended up getting it working
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