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  • Server 2003 permissions....

    When I'm removing permissions from a user that should not have access to a folder - I am getting this warning: do I just ignore it?

    The change you are about make will result in 11 permissions being added to the access control list.
    Because these permissions propagate to child objects, making this change will require more storage and time to evaluate. The higher this container is in the directory hierarchy, the more significant the performance degradation.
    Consider either replacing these permissions with fewer more inclusive permissions, not applying the permissions to child objects, or not proceeding with this change.
    Do you want to continue making this change? Yes or No

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    Re: Server 2003 permissions....

    It is just a warning message...

    1. If you are sure that what ever the permissions are configured on this folder should be propogated to all the childs then you can safely ignore and continue as this will relplace the permissions on all the child containers.

    2. If you are unsure of that then do not propogate it and just remove it from the top folder only.
    Kapil Sharma
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