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DFS & Outlook hyperlink problem

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  • DFS & Outlook hyperlink problem

    I'm not sure which forum this one should go in so feel free to make suggestions.

    I am experiencing a problem with hyperlinks in Outlook which refer to DFS locations.

    F: = \\\dfsroot\folder1

    User1 creates a new email for User2 and adds a hyperlink (using ctrl-k or 'insert hyperlink function) refferring to a file/folder on a drive mapped to a DFS folder: F:\Folder2 = \\\dfsroot\folder1\folder2. The text reads 'F:\Folder2' but the hyperlink reads 'file:///\\\dfsroot\folder1\folder2' that is an invalid path.

    User2 attempts to open the link and gets a message which says "Cannot find file '\\\dfsroot\folder1\folder2'. Make sure the path or Internet address is correct"

    User2 can type that exact path \\ into the run line and it opens just fine. User2 can forward the email to someone else (including User1) and the hyperlink changes to 'file://' and works just fine.

    To further complicate things: It seems that this only happens to non-admin users. The admins try this and it works just fine. Meaning: when an admin user creates the hyperlink it uses 'file://' syntax. If I log on to a machine as a local admin but non-domain admin the problem occurs; logging into that same machine as a domain admin the problem doesn't occur.

    If User1 manually deletes the dfs map and re-maps F: to the actual server/share and creates the same hyperlink, it also works fine.

    So for some reason, when non-admin users create a hyperlink to a dfs path, the hyperlink starts out as 'file:///\\' instead of 'file://'.

    Servers are all Windows 2003 with current Spacks/patches. Workstations are all XPPro SP2 + patches. Outlook is 2003 (11.8217.8221 SP3)

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: DFS & Outlook hyperlink problem

    Seems to be the issue of user access on DFS root i.e. "F:\Folder2".

    Would suggest you to delegate the explicit permission to some non-admin user and check the same. (Just for the testing purposes).

    Give it a try.
    Kapil Sharma
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