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Overriding the Local Registry

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  • Overriding the Local Registry

    Dear all,

    Well I have Windows 2003 Domain Network, One domail Controller of Windows Server 2003.
    we have 25 computers all are windows XP SP 2 and 3. All the computers are member of that domain. All the Computers accounts are in Different OU in the Domain Controller.
    I have created one group policy for all the Computers to Write Protect USB Device, ( I have Created that policy only on that Computers OU).
    This group policy working fine on all the computers that are part of that domain and that are member of that Computer OU they can not write to the USB Devices.

    But some intelligent users do some settings in the Registry they can USB Device Easily.
    I can not Disable run because all the users are developer so they need run and also I can not revoke the righs of Admin becuuse they are developver so they need the admin rights ,
    So pl give me solution how to over ride this registry setting ?

    Pl its urgent.

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    Re: Overriding the Local Registry

    You can use a GPO setting to set the value of the registry key and remove their permission to change the value. You can also use a GPO setting to disable their ability to run regedit.


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      Re: Overriding the Local Registry

      Well , I am not findings all that settings can you give the locations where can i find that settings in the GPO



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        Re: Overriding the Local Registry

        Computer Configuration|Windows Settings|Registry

        User Configuration|Administrative Templates|System|Prevent acces to registry editing tools