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Hide folder in a DFS namespace

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  • Hide folder in a DFS namespace

    Hi All,

    Domain Controller : 2x W2K3 R2 SP2 std (running also DNS servers)
    Domain and forest functionnal level : Windows 2003

    DFS Namespace servers : W2K3 R2 SP2 std

    I have created a domain-based namespace, which is available in the UNC path : \\mydomain.fqdn\MyNamespace

    I'm now at creating multiple folders in my namespace. I want that one of my folders to be hidden. I will connect users requiring access to this folder with a mapped network drive. The folder is already correctly secured using NTFS. This way, users needing the folder will access it via the network drive and users who do need it won't see it. The server actually hosting the folder has the share hidden (\\filesrv1\HiddenFolder$).

    I have tried to add a folder with a $ at the end (\\mydomain.fqdn\MyNamespace\HiddenFolder$) but the folder is displayed anyway.

    Searching on google didn't help for now. Some recommended to install a 3rd party tool and working on ACL. I would like to have a native solution included in W2K3 R2 SP2.

    Thanks for help !!

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    Re: Hide folder in a DFS namespace

    I am not sure if that is possible using standard edition. Your share is effectively 'MyNameSpace' and you can only create one domain-based DFS namespace.

    In order for the folder to be hidden, the share needs to be configured with the $ symbol at the end and not the folder name. Have you tried sharing the folder and then trying to map to it. Not sure whether it would work though.


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      Re: Hide folder in a DFS namespace

      Hi Virtual,

      As what I understood, Mynamespace is the DFS namespace (the DFS root in earlier version of Win Server).
      HiddenFolder is a folder (DFS Link in earlier version) in my namespace.

      As I said, the share on the file server is already hidden (\\filesrv1\hiddenfolder$).

      I cannot see the share when I browse to \\filesrv1 but I can see the folder when I browse to \\mydomain.fqdn\Mynamespace\HiddenFolder$ and this is where I need to hide it.

      How can I do this ? Do you think it's an Enterprise version feature ?

      Thanks again,


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        Re: Hide folder in a DFS namespace

        I didn't think you can hide a folder using the $ sign in a dfs structure as the structure for the dfs is a share that is at a higher level.

        The fodler will be hidden when you browse through the server due to the $ sign but not when using the DFS as that grabs the actual structure under the DFS share and does not include the shares.