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How to configure a dedicated DNS server.

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  • How to configure a dedicated DNS server.

    I want to configure DNS server in a separate/dedicated machine.The scenario is the 1st machine is running

    Windows 2003 server with Active Directory with

    IP address


    DNS Server windows 2003 server

    IP address

    Prefered DNS

    When i try to resolve by nslookup it says "unknown server" I want to integrate my DNS server with Active directory if i use a seperate machine then it is possible?

    Well if i configure DNS durning Active Directory t configure properly but want to make DNS in another machine.

    i know that there is some mistake from my side when deploying a dedicated server for DNS.i should be thankfull if you may kindly help me .

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    Re: How to configure a dedicated DNS server.

    I believe AD integrated DNS only runs on DCs. Not sure if you can create a secondary zone for an AD int zone but my first question would probably be why do you want DNS on its own box? (I realise there are valid reasons but just wondering). You may find setting the second box up as a DC would be a better idea?

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      Re: How to configure a dedicated DNS server.

      Does your DC point to the seperate DNS server for DNS resolution???

      What is your setup on your DNS server??


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        Re: How to configure a dedicated DNS server.

        thanks for the reply. well there are 500 computers in our company so it is good to make a separate DNS server.

        There is a AD & additional Domain controller i want to keep my DNS in another box due to load .I doesn't know how to point my DC fora separate DNS resolution.How can i do it please let me know.


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          Re: How to configure a dedicated DNS server.

          IMHO keep DNS on your DCs so you can take advantage of the Active Directory Integration.

          500 computers (in one site?) needs good DC planning as well so maybe another DC or two would be a good idea
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