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Win2K laptop won't login, but accepts password

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  • Win2K laptop won't login, but accepts password

    I have a user with a Dell laptop running Win2K. This computer is a stand alone (no domain account). When the user attempts to login on any of three valid logins on the machine; the laptop "accepts" the password and returns to the logon box.

    The file system is a FAT32 so I can access it. I can also access the box via its NIC.

    Does anybody know of a good source of info for this problem. I'd like to recover the machine if possible.

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    Are you sure you are booting to the local machine? The user hasn't been playing and added/changed something? What has changed since it last worked?
    Have you tried Safe Made?
    Have you tried using Last Known Good?
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      I am also having the same problem with Windows XP Pro. No changes that we are aware of took place on this laptop (Dell). We've tried safe mode and Last Known. Neither made any difference. We are vigilant against spam cookies and virus scan regularly with NAV.

      Any input on how we can get around an OS reload would be very helpful.

      Thank you.