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Website opening problem

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  • Website opening problem


    I have bit strange problem with my windows 2003 server.

    The server is:

    - connected to Internet through a Router
    - stand alone server
    - used as VPN and DNS server with domain name as
    My website is also the same but it is not hosted on this server.
    - No other firewall install

    The problem:

    - I can go on any of the website other than one specific website.
    - Website is hosted by professional website holder company.
    - It was working fine before two weeks.
    - All other websites are working fine
    - I have tried to get ping response from Google, yahoo and any other website but not from (which is the one creating problem)
    - I have check router firewall, and check browsers too but nothing happens

    ONE OF THE STRANGE THING IS WHEN I OPEN WWW dot NETDOCTOR4U dot COM from IE it takes me to MSN search page and show the website but when i click the link "page cannot be display" message comes.

    With mozilla straight "Page cannot display" has come.

    The site is working perfectly with other computers.

    What could be issues?
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    Re: Website opening problem

    have a read
    you will find Sembee here should you have any further issues.
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      Re: Website opening problem

      Thanks for additional info.

      My problem get resolved by putting the IP address and domain name in "Hosts" file.

      I wonder why it started in first place. I guess I have mess up with some of my settings.

      But link is really good knowledge base for me.