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random domain password change ?!

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  • random domain password change ?!

    Hi Guys,

    I have had a couple of different sites recently with similar issues and not sure what it is. basically user reports that they cannot login, return error being that the user and or password is incorrect.

    resetting the password then allows them to login. its usually a couple of users on the domain at the same time.

    AD user profile does not have anything set to expire the password. its almost like something has changed the password.

    any ideas.

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    Re: random domain password change ?!

    here comes a random story:

    client calls helpdesk. miskeys his password sometimes.
    helpdesk resets password.
    client tries password, all works.
    few days later, client call s back, password is messing up again
    wash rinse repeat.
    eventually, desktop support goes out to see whats happening.
    watches what the client is doing. is able to reproduce the error.

    client could get the password correc when he was sitting down, but if standing, password did not work.

    desktop support established someone had swapped a couple o keys around as a joke.

    however, i doubt this is your issue.. i just wanted to relate it for humour sake
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      Re: random domain password change ?!

      Have you ruled out PEBCAK or PICNIC errors?
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        Re: random domain password change ?!

        Funny. no thought it was POBKAC myself.

        what with conficker 'activating' today i figured it may be related.

        maybe get a pass typo couple of times a year. however since its 4 separate companies who are not linked with a min of 4 users experiencing the same issue at the same time i dismissed POBKAC