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BDC don't work for Windows pls??

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  • BDC don't work for Windows pls??

    I trying to setup a Backup DC to take over login when my primary server is down.

    Both servers are installed with windows 2003 standard edition.

    So both server is having AD,DNS and I even create a different DHCP scope for both server.

    Replication of AD and DNS information is fine.
    However when I shutdown the primary server. Users cannot login though that the backup server is on.

    I had also configure the backup server to be a global catalog.

    I had also check up the microsoft website but they are not providing useful info on this.

    Can anyone advise me if I missed out any steps.

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    A gotcha that gets a lot of people is that they forget to provide the clients with a secondary DNS entry pointing to the second DC.