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Re: Test DC on the same network as Live DC

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  • Re: Test DC on the same network as Live DC

    Hi all,

    I have posted this query earlier on this forum and got appropriate answers. As warned by the members I did not install any DHCP and the rest of the setup is working fine.

    Since the earlier post above is closed, I am opening a new topic as I have an additional query regarding the same subject.

    Can I now install a WSUS on my test setup?

    I am not very sure my posting violates the forum rules by any means as I am opening a new topic that refers to a closed topic. If so, I would like to apologize and request the moderator to let me know what should be done in such a situation.



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    Re: Test DC on the same network as Live DC

    pankajb, that is fine don't worry. If the original post is closed you couldn't really do much else anyway!

    From that post I can't see any reason why you can't install WSUS. What are your worries?

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: Test DC on the same network as Live DC

      Hi AndyJG247,
      Thanks for your reply.

      I am trying to achieve the following:

      My live setup is actually working on a HP Blades and my first Domain Controller DC1 is a VM.
      I have installed test domain controller DCTST1 as a VM as well on the Blade and on same physical LAN segment. So far everything seems to working alright.

      From the Disaster Recovery procedure for Domain Controllers, all I could understand is that in an event of the death of a live first DC1, the restoration process is not all a very rosy task.

      Moreover there are lot of instances when Servers behave erratic after installation of a update or patch. Thus, I am trying to setup a similar environment with another WSUS in the test environment.

      Every time I want to roll an update, I would export the test VM i.e. DCTST1 as a backup and then install the patch. In case something goes wonky, I would then import the backed up VM and perform the setup procedure to revive the DCTST1.

      If I can adopt a method to revive my first test DC ie DCTST1 from backed up VM then I would adopt the same method to revive my live DC in case it crashes after an update as both are Virtual machines from same virtualization software.

      I understand that if two domains can work on the same LAN segment then why not WSUS as they donít interact unless they are set to synchronize.

      However I thought why not take the opinion from the wise men.