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Adjust DST time in israel 2009

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  • Adjust DST time in israel 2009


    I have several servers mostly are 2003 are some 2000.

    on some 2003 servers there is no checkbox for daylight saving adjust - how can i add this option ? what update adds that checkbox ?

    Some of my 2003 servers have the latest 955839 patch, and some dont have that. should i have this patch on every 2003 server ?

    Since patch 955839 is not for server 2000 OS, how should i treat them ?

    TNX for the help

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    Re: Adjust DST time in israel 2009

    Have you read this already?
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      Re: Adjust DST time in israel 2009

      First of all, i've been reading that paper from MS in all the directions

      I've found out by testing that the diffrences between the old update and the new one (955839) is only on september when the Daylightsaving period will end, so it's not crutucal to install it now cause it will not have any effect now, only on septmber.

      And for the 2000 servers, i've edited the currect dates using the TZEDIT and now i'm sure they will change the time on the relevant dates automaticly.

      The 2003 servers that don't have the checkbox, applying the 955839 update will add this checkbox and all its left is to check it.
      The 2000 servers that don't have the checkbox, editing the registry using the TZEDIT utility will add that checkbox.

      Hope this will help any other confused admins here.

      Good luck