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NSlookup resolves but application cant -DNS

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  • NSlookup resolves but application cant -DNS

    I am having some strange DNS issues(server 2003 SP2, xp/vista clients, server 2003 SP2 server)
    sometimes, for no reason, outlook will not connect. I try to ping my email server by name and i get host cannot be found. However when I do an NS lookup, it returns the correct IP. I do have WINS set up only for Cisco WEBVPN. Is is possible that WINS is causing a problem with DNS resolution?

    Sometimes, doing an ipconfig/ release renew or flushdns fixes the problem. I am currently noticing this problem on a vista 64 machine however I have noticed some strange DNS issues on my XP laptop over the VPN that seemed to go away when i removed WINS from the vpn config.

    Just to add, I did not configure a wins address for my exchange server. It did not seem necessary since I do not use it at all for the webvpn CIFS access
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    Re: NSlookup resolves but application cant -DNS

    Exchange does use short names a la:

    If the ping fails then outlook will fail. Try on one machine putting the entry in the hosts file (just to test). Does it work then?

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