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Shutdown issues on Citrix Server

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  • Shutdown issues on Citrix Server

    I’m hoping someone can help me out with this one. We’ve had a server which is refusing to shutdown for a while now which is causing real issues. I can’t service pack it and it’s the main licence server for our Citrix environment so I’m very wary to mess with it too much.

    The server boots up fine, logon / logoff works fine but when I try to shut the server down you see the log off screen, choose restart or shutdown. I enter a shutdown comment & it starts to shutdown. You see “Closing Network connections….” Box then the logon box disappears & it just hangs on a gray screen forever. I then have to hard reboot the server to get it working again.

    I can start, shutdown & reboot the server fine in safe mode. Vie checked the log files and there are no errors being reported.

    Does anyone have any suggestions where I could start?

    Also is there a way of backing the Citrix licences up?

    Any help on this one would be immensely appreciated

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    Re: Shutdown issues on Citrix Server

    Not sure if this link helps?

    I would say you have to bite the bullet. Fairly recently I remember a patch regarding RDP hangs on reboots but I can't find it at the moment (doh...)

    I would make a backup of the server (especially IIS as per the article above) and start patching. Get the network drivers etc up first and then firmware/bios etc then windows patches. An unpatched server is a security hole if nothing else!

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