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  • Printer Audit


    I have followed a Windows networking article on how to enable auditing on a printer. I have also found an article relating to event viewer although unable to find where this log is kept.
    I have searched for *.log and *.evt within the system32 folder to no avail.
    Sorry if i have missed something stupid!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Re: Printer Audit

    Start, All Programs, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer will get you there.


    Right Click My Computer and select Manage. Under System Tools you'll see Event Viewer.


    Start, Run and type eventvwr then press enter.

    Your print logs are kept in the System Log.


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      Re: Printer Audit

      Hi there,

      Thank you for your reply.
      I guess i need to make sure I have followed the article correclty (although it is straightforward) as the file sever is spooling the jobs (i can see work going to it) but nothing is visible within the system logs.
      I have filtered "print" within event source although the audit tabs are then greyed out. I have left the filter off and submitted a fresh job to the printer which is not shown.


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        Re: Printer Audit

        Not sure if this will help but my company has a requirement to set up print auditing in the way that we need to be able to re-print an exact copy of what was printed by any user at any point in time.

        Most audit solutions only give you the details of the file spooled but you cant actually get to the contents.

        Check the “Spindle” software out made by Draycir

        You can capture just about any thing printed.

        It took me a long time to find this solution

        Hope it might help


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          Re: Printer Audit

          Hi Deland01,

          Thanks for that - i will certainly bookmark it and suggest that to the directors should we need to use that in the future.

          For the meantime, i just need to try and get the windows logging working; I assume it would say the user and the size of the document sent to the printer.


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            Re: Printer Audit

            To be honest I’m unsure as I’ve never actually looked at the windows based auditing. If it doesn’t give you what you want try this link which should be what you are after:


            This will give you the username, file size of doc printed etc…


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              Re: Printer Audit

              that's excellent, thanks!