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Affects of Shared folders when joining the Domain

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  • Affects of Shared folders when joining the Domain

    Hello All
    I have set up my Domain and a few GPO's

    I have a question.

    I am going to add my Server 2003 machine to the domain very soon.
    This machine is running SQL and SAGE MMS.
    Sage Uses Shared folders to read and write data between clients and the Server.

    When i move this machine up to being a member server on the Domain i have created will it remove all the current shares?
    Will it leave the shares in place but need to add new domain users to the list of users who can access the share?

    Also has anyone had a problem promoting a machine running SQL?


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    Re: Affects of Shared folders when joining the Domain

    You shouldn't have a problem. Make sure you backup just in case.

    With my 'sage' server, I also use the Volume Shadow copy service on the shares. IT is great to quickly restore databases or compare setting/data changes that need ot be rolled back or separately installed for analysis.

    It will depend on the groups that are currently set in the share. If you have 'everyone' set, you shouldn't need to add anything. If on the NTFS permissions you have the 'users' group added, you shouldn't need to change anything as Domain Users group is added to it.

    However, you are best adding domain users to improve security and removing the 'users' group if present.


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      Re: Affects of Shared folders when joining the Domain

      Another quick question as i cannot find this anywhere

      When the Server joins the domain as a member server will it delete all the local user account that currently have access to the file shares on it?


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        Re: Affects of Shared folders when joining the Domain

        No it won't. However, when a user logs on to the domain, a new profile will be created, so you may have to re-create the mappings or backup their current profile and import it in to their new profile.

        You could look into copying their local profile over the 'Default User' profile. That is the profile used as the basis for new local and domain profiles on the local computer. However, after they have logged on, you are best to then log on as another user, configure any required settings and then copy that to the 'Default User'. Any other users then logging on to the machiine won't then gain access to the other user's documents etc.

        You could use Group Policy to re-map the paths. This can be done in settings or using a script. I have used the 'net use' command line before and appropriate switches and used it in a batch file.

        Type: net use /? into a command prompt.


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          Re: Affects of Shared folders when joining the Domain

          sorry what i was trying to explain was at present i have 1/4 of my machines on the domain and 3/4 still using the workgroup design while i move users over to use the domain accounts.
          Currently a user authenticates to the workgroup server for access to Shares for Sage etc.

          When i promote the server to a member server in the domain i need to make sure users can still access the shares.


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            Re: Affects of Shared folders when joining the Domain

            Their current user account will still exist. Providing they logon locally (this computer) option, it shouldn't change. It will only change when or if the server is joined as a member server. Local user acounts (the ones used by workgroup users) would then be password prompted.

            The post below explains the method required once the server is joined to the domain to prevent users receiving a password prompt.

            Let me know if this is clear enough.