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  • IIS issues

    We seem to be having FTP issues with our IIS service on one of our servers. No phone is able to download the config files from the server at all. The server is on subnet the same as the phones. Don't know a lot about IIS and the whole "Default FTP Site" and IIS.

    Currently, the properties for this site is;

    FTP Site
    Description: Default FTP Site
    IP address: All unassigned
    TCP Port: 21

    FTP site connections: limited to 100,000
    Timeout: 120

    Logging enabled
    Active Format W3C Extended Log File Format

    Security Accounts:
    Allow anonymous connections is checked
    Username: IUSR_PAG-56
    Password: *********
    Allow only anonymous connections is unchecked

    Home Directory:
    Content resource comes from: directory located on this computer
    FTP site directory: c:\inetpub\ftproot
    Read: unchecked
    Write: checked
    Log Visits: checked

    Where can I start to troubleshoot this?

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    Re: IIS issues

    What config files are you referring to? Do the phones have an FTP client? Are you confusing a FTP server with a TFTP server that has config files for devices that support loading their configs from TFTP?


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      Re: IIS issues

      Everytime we install a new phone it dowloads config files from our phone server. During the boot up of the phone, a message appears that states "contacting the FTP server" then after finding the server it begins to download the config files for the phone.

      I think I may have fixed it by setting up another FTP site in IIS and directing that site to where the config files are located. So far it appears to be working so stay tuned for that.