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Automatically re-mapped drive when windows start.

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  • Automatically re-mapped drive when windows start.

    hi, I need help for Creating & Running a Logon Script using GPO.Iam using windows 2000 server with AD. The clients computers are running windows xp and are connected with the Active Directory.I want that when ever the user login into his account he can see the network drive in My Comouter to share files automatically and can save it in the server side. For that i use GPO script (Logon/logoff) and add the file as. I found the script from net but it is not clear.

    NET USE Z: \\Server_Name\Share_Folder /PERSISTENT:NO

    Please explain that which i have understand is

    Z :- Is the Network Drive Name.

    \\ :- Server Name. \ :- Folder Name which is shared in the windows server?

    PERSISTENT:NO :- what it mean ?

    NET USE Z:\\Server_Name\Share Folder. Please en-light,is it is correct which i understand ? In the GPO there is

    Computer Configuration and User Configuration which one head i should choose to using script?thanks in advance.
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    Re: Automatically re-mapped drive when windows start.

    AFAIK, user in yor case. The drive will then only map providing the user has the approriate sahre permissions.


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      Re: Automatically re-mapped drive when windows start.

      Hi mypass,
      The first step would be to create a shared folder on your file server. In order to do this, you should logon to your server (let's call it FILESRV), right click on the folder which you want to share (Let's say D:\DATA\USERS) and choose 'Sharing and Security...'
      You should then choose the 'Share this folder' option and specify a share name in the 'Share Name' text box (Let's call it USERS). If you want your users to be able to write to it, you should click on 'Permissions' and set the appropriate permissions.
      Now, the path to the shared folder (also called UNC path) is: \\FILESRV\USERS

      When you use the net use command, you should specify the UNC path of the share folder. Just like in your example:
      net use z: \\filesrv\users /persistant:yes

      The 'Persistant:yes' means that the drive mapping will be saved in the user's profile and will be automatically loaded each time the user loggs in. If you specify 'persistant:no' in the logon script, then the drive will be mapped each time the logon script runs, but if the logon script would not run for any reason, the drive will not be available anymore.
      If you have laptop computers in your organization, I would suggest to use the persistant:no switch because when those laptops are offline and the drive is mapped, it really slows down the entire computer.


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        Re: Automatically re-mapped drive when windows start.

        Yes i have tested, it worked ok .thanks a lot for your detail guidance. I appreciate it.